East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan

REFERENDUM:   Thursday 17 May 2018

On Thursday 17 May 2018 residents of East Horsley will have the opportunity to vote in a local referendum to decide whether or not to adopt the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan.

The Referendum is organised by Guildford Electoral Services. All residents of East Horsley who are registered to vote in local elections may participate. Voting papers and postal voting documentation will be sent directly to residents in advance of polling day in the usual way.

The question to be asked in this Referendum is:

“Do you want Guildford Borough Council to use the neighbourhood plan for East Horsley to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

Responses may either be ‘YES’ or ‘NO.’ In order for the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan to become adopted, a majority of the votes cast will need to be for ‘YES’.


In February 2018 the independent examiner recommended that the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan should move towards a referendum, subject to making certain modifications. These modifications were accepted by East Horsley Parish Council, and also by Guildford Borough Council, and form the basis of the Referendum Version of the Neighbourhood Plan, now subject to referendum.

Click here to view or download the Referendum Version of the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan.

Hard copies of the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan may be viewed in the Horsley Library, Guildford Library and at the Parish Office in the East Horsley Village Hall.

Information Leaflet

To help residents better understand the scope of the neighbourhood plan and its policies, East Horsley parish council has prepared a short Information Leaflet about the plan, which may be accessed by clicking here.