East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan

Regulation 16 consultation 

The EH Neighbourhood Plan has moved into the next phase, Regulation16 consultation, based upon our submission version of the EH Neighbourhood Plan, sent to GBC in early July.

Click here to view the EHNP Submission Version of the plan to GBC.

The dates for the Regulation 16 consultation are from Tuesday 22 August to Monday 2 October 2017.

The consultation process is entirely organized by GBC, who have put the EHNP Submission Version on their planning portal https://getinvolved.guildford.gov.uk.

Comments are to be submitted to GBC either in writing or e-mail or via their website - similar to any new planning application.

All comments must go straight to GBC, not to EHPC.

We do not have the opportunity to revise the NP based upon comments made under this consultation - that was only in the previous Reg 14 consultation. Comments made under this consultation are primarily for the benefit of independent neighbourhood plan examiner, who will review the plan after the Regulation 16 consultation is completed.

If you are happy with the Submission Version, please feel free to write to GBC informing them of your support for the plan.



The supporting documentation and analysis behind the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan may be found in our Evidence Base. Click here to access this information

Catherine Carr, Chair EHNP Steering Group