East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan

The East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan has now completed its independent examination.

The independent examiner, Liz Beth of Bristol, has delivered her report which may be viewed by clicking on the tab in the side menu. She was generally complimentary about the plan and the wide support it received from residents, remarking:

“My compliments to the local community volunteers and East Horsley Parish Council, who have produced a professional and well-evidenced Plan.”

Her key conclusion was:

“Subject to the recommended modifications being made, the Plan meets the basic conditions and may proceed to referendum.”

Her modifications involve drafting changes to a number of policies in order to meet legal planning requirements. Several housing policies were changed significantly, since she concluded they did not comply with NPPF requirements. Her modifications are in line with our policy objectives but some details are changed.

Referendum in the Spring

To be adopted our Neighbourhood Plan needs to be voted upon and approved by residents of East Horsley. This Referendum will be handled by Guildford Electoral Services, in a process similar to a local election. The voting date will be confirmed shortly.

Our Neighbourhood Plan needs to get a majority of votes cast in its favour to become adopted planning policy, so please do go and vote. If you are not registered for local elections but would like to vote for the Neighbourhood Plan in this Referendum there is still time to register with Guildford Electoral Services. 


The supporting documentation and analysis behind the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan may be found in our Evidence Base. Click here to access this information.

Catherine Carr, Chair EHNP Steering Group