East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan

Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan

Regulation 16 consultation

On 2 October 2017 the Regulation 16 consultation on the Submission Version of the plan officially closed after a six-week period of consultation. There were six different parties submitting comments under this public consultation – three of these were East Horsley residents (two supporting the plan, one critical), whilst three were from developers or their representatives.

This compares with 73 comments made during the Regulation 14 consultation held in the spring, following which various changes were made to the plan prior to the Submission Version being submitted to GBC.

Details of the comments made by these parties may be viewed on the Consultation section of the GBC Planning website and are also available to view here. 

Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan

The next step in the legal process required for the adoption of our neighbourhood plan is the appointment of an official examiner to review the Submission Version of the plan, as previously published.

Examiners are supplied by NPIERS, an independent body, who have nominated an experience neighbourhood planning specialist based in Bristol called Liz Beth.

Liz Beth is an accredited examiner who has been involved with over 30 neighbourhood plans nationwide during recent years, either as planning adviser or independent examiner. Her report on the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan is scheduled for delivery around the end of January 2018.

A copy of the Statement submitted by GBC to the independent examiner about the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan is available to view here.



The supporting documentation and analysis behind the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan may be found in our Evidence Base. Click here to access this information

Catherine Carr, Chair EHNP Steering Group