Next Planning Meeting Applications

The next Planning & Environment Meeting's applications to be considered will be available on this page three days before the next meeting.

The next meeting is on Monday 20 August 2018 at 7.30pm in the Lovelace Room, Village Hall, Kingston Avenue.

7  Consideration of Applications received since the previous meeting

7.1  Single storey timber link extension

Planning Application

Ferndene, Forest Road, East Horsley, Leatherhead, KT24 5ER

Ref. No: 18/P/01475


7.2  Demolition of existing dwelling and replacement with two storey dwelling.

Planning Application

St Anns, Surrey Gardens, Effingham Junction, Leatherhead, KT24 5HF

Ref. No: 18/P/01394


7.3  Retrospective application for a platform attached to a tree to enable access to a zip line runnin...

Planning Application

Idyllwild, Norrels Drive, East Horsley, Leatherhead, KT24 5DL

Ref. No: 18/P/01361


7.4  Erection of four new dormers to front elevation and changes to fenestration.

Planning Application

Studio, Blue Ryde Lodge, The Drift, East Horsley, Leatherhead, KT24 6NU

Ref. No: 18/P/01543


7.5  Construction of outside swimming pool with plant shed (retrospective application).

Planning Application

Corner Cottage, High Park Avenue, East Horsley, Leatherhead, KT24 5DD

Ref. No: 18/P/01530


7.6   Internal and external alterations to existing barn and associated buildings. Including two single storey extensions, and change of use of existing outbuilding to 'A3 Restaurants and cafe' |

Place Farm Barn, Place Farm, Epsom Road, West Horsley, Leatherhead, KT24 6AN

Ref. No: 18/P/01217

Recent GBC decisions

Coppins, Park Horsley, East Horsley, Leatherhead, KT24 5RZ EHPC No Objection GBC Approved  Ref. No: 17/P/01111