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Burglaries in East Horsley

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On the 10 DECEMBER 2018 between 11pm and then approximately 4am the next morning a series of burglaries occurred in the CHALK LANE area of East Horsley. The offenders accessed the rear of a property through an insecure side gate, and then made use of adjoining fields to access neighbouring gardens. The offenders took a range of items including computers, phones, bicycles and in one property, wine. 

As of the time of writing, in that road/time frame, 8 properties were attacked. Given the close proximity of the properties and the amount of items taken, it can only be assumed that a vehicle was involved. Enquiries done by the police in the area would suggest that a white unmarked van, possibly a Ford transit, could be involved. This van would have been occupied by two “scruffy looking” males and could have been in the area in the run up to these offences. If anyone has any information in regards to a similar vehicle, please email Constable Ryan Soper on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting crime reference 45180131549.

I am also aware of other burglaries that have occurred in recent weeks in the East Horsley area. 

The Police statement adds:

"Please be reassured that we are very much attempting to carry out more overt and covert patrols of the area, but this is also pitted against our normal service demands and the uptick in burglary in other areas also!

I would ask that any local residents please stay vigilant at this time of year, when burglaries increase nationally."

This would include:

-          Ensuring doors and windows are locked.

-          Securing side gates and sheds/outbuildings.

-          Reviewing CCTV and motion detection alerts regularly, as it is not uncommon for offenders to conduct occupancy tests in the lead up to offences.

-          Challenging any suspicious behaviour, or reporting it to police on 101 or through online reporting. Genuine couriers and such will carry identification and will not be offended!

I have also included some information from our Designing Out Crime Team. This is their guide on the best home security tips as well as their contact information if you require any further advice.

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