Sunday, 04 November 2018 10:03

Lloyds Bank targeted by thieves

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The ATM at Lloyds Bank Station Parade was targeted early Sunday morning. The thieves used a stolen telehandler to drag the cash machine out of the wall causing considerable damage to the building. However when they attempted to lift the cash machine, weighing around three quarters of a ton, on to the back of a lorry, the straps broke causing the machine to crash to the ground. The thieves fled empty handed leaving the machine and a great deal of debris strewn on the ground.
A police car had been parked outside the bank as a deterrent over the last few weeks and had only just been removed after many complaints about it taking valuable parking space.
With the Shell garage currently closed for refurbishment, the best options for obtaining cash are our two post offices in Station Parade and Bishopsmead Parade or the cash machine at Effingham Mini Mart on Forest Road. 

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