Monday, 03 December 2018 17:57

Suspicious activity

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Residents have reported to their Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator occurrences of suspicious activity. The first reports are of suspicious cold callers, described by the residents as ‘scruffy’ dressed males in a BMW claiming to be police and making enquiries about the recent attempted theft of an ATM machine at Lloyds.

In a later suspicious occurrence in the same area was a large white van had been observed, with multiple men inside behaving strangely. The co-ordinator was asked by her residents to check with Guildford police for confirmation it was actually the police making the enquiries. As a result the co-ordinator received the following reply from the Neighbourhoods Sergeant ‘the activity described is highly likely to have been Police and there is no cause for concern’  

The initial Police advice remains – 
1. Should a resident be approached by any person that claims to be Police Officer (uniformed or otherwise) they should be asked to present their Warrant/ID card and 101 called to verify the details.
2. Any vehicles seen, the index’s or registrations of vehicles should be taken and again can be verified via 101.

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