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What future for Libraries?

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Libraries and cultural services are an integral part of community life across Surrey and sit at the heart of lifelong learning. Surrey County Council (SCC) say that to sustain our libraries and cultural services into the future, with the resources that we have, we need to think differently and creatively about how those services are provided.

To do this, SCC are asking for your views on the following five principles that form a strategy which they believe could inform proposals for transforming libraries and cultural services in Surrey:

1. Libraries and cultural services provide and enable opportunities for everyone to learn, access information, acquire new skills, improve literacy and be involved in their communities.

2. There is a focus on the wellbeing and strengthening of communities, particularly the most vulnerable, to enable them to be resilient.

3. Libraries and cultural services are most effective and efficient when they work in partnership with the public, voluntary, community and private sectors, including through the creation of shared spaces.

4. New technologies, including digital, enable libraries and cultural services to reach new audiences, and existing audiences in new ways, and offer 24/7 access.

5. Volunteers are crucial community advocates and assets in libraries and cultural services, who also gain valuable skills and relationships through the work they do.

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