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Waste management facility

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Brick Kiln Farm, Old Lane has applied for retrospective use of land for the importation, deposit, storage, processing and composting of green waste materials, the storage and processing of excavated waste deposited on the site and import and processing of excavated waste; ancillary recycling activities comprising storage, separation, breaking, screening, sorting of materials such as: hardcore, bricks, slates, tiles, concrete and engineering materials; the siting and the operation of machinery for the processing of green waste and excavated waste used in the manufacture of artificial topsoil and the subsequent storage, sale and export of artificial topsoil product; including site access and internal access road, on a site area of some 2.6 ha.

The date for last representations 21 May. We are not obliged to take account of comments received outside this period however, we will normally do so up to the date a decision is made.

Caroline Smith, Planning Development Manager Ref GU18/CON/00017
Planning Group
Surrey County Council
County Hall
Kingston upon Thames

SCC Ref 2017/0194/

GBC Ref GU18/CON/00017/

 EHPC Planning Committee Decision:  OBJECTION


a. The planning application is much too general in its scope, meaning that all manner of excavated waste could potentially be deposited at this site with no restriction over the type of materials to be deposited, the volumes to be deposited and the number and size of HGV’s to be used, the times the site will be open and deliveries made to and from it; 

b. The proposed use is inappropriate for a Green Belt location which is situated very close to a residential community in the Effingham Junction area of East Horsley;

c. The proposed use will have a detrimental impact of the amenity of the nearby residential community, including noise, dust and unpleasant smells;

d. There will be a significant environmental impact on the surrounding area which includes ancient woodland and European protected species such as Great Crested Newts;

e. There will be a material traffic impact due to an unspecified number of HGV’s of unlimited weight accessing this site along Old Lane, a narrow rural road with a 7.5 ton weight limit.

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