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Action for Climate Change

The Task Group has launched a Priorities Feedback Survey

We believe we can be impactful working with our residents and in concert with Guildford Borough Council on tackling climate change and the survey will help us understand the areas you consider most important.

The survey is ongoing, responses before 21 May will assist with the organisation of The Horsley Big Day Out to which we hope to invite electric vehicle dealerships.

Paper copies will be available at the Library and at The Horsley Big Day Out, 4 July at Horsley Towers.

Results will be published on the website and in the Autumn Newsletter.



The Climate Change Task Group's ambition is to develop local initiatives in support of the national 2030 and 2050 Zero Carbon emission targets.

The group will include East Horsley Parish Councillors, members of the public and other specialist organisations, as well as experts who can contribute to the objectives. Ideally, the membership will be of varying ages, backgrounds and experiences.

Also established is a wider group with neighbouring Parish Councils (PCs) - The Parish Council Climate Change Group (PCCC). To date the group have connected with West Horsley, Effingham, Ockham and Ripley. The aim is to work closely to bounce ideas and share the load.

Some proposed objectives are:

  • Advise the PC and residents on ways to reduce carbon emissions.
  • To explore achievable changes that can be adopted by residents to minimise their impact on the environment
  • To explore options that benefit the environment & reduce impact on the climate

At the first PCCC meeting, Effingham presented suggestions which gave “first steps” ideas. These stimulated discussion about how each Council could help their own parishes including:

  • Climate Change website page
  • Recruitment of volunteers and experts
  • Engage with local parishioners
  • Expansion of recycling facilities
  • Electric car and cycle charging bays
  • Cycle path extensions
  • Increased local biodiversity programmes
  • Energy and water conservation at home
  • LED Street lighting
  • Climate Change Activity Survey

To date, East Horsley has some LED Street lighting and the Village Hall heating is supplied by a ground source heat pump.

The Spring Newsletter will feature the group’s agreed objectives and some solid “first steps” that we can all engage with.

If you would like to contribute to this group, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.