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EHNP Policy Teams

 Steering Group

Committee: Catherine Carr (01483 283693), Abby Reed, Alan Gilbertson, Stephen Groom, John Kettle, Roy Proctor, Robert Taylor


Housing Policy Team

Committee: Robert Taylor (leader) ‪01483 283209,  Rex Butcher, Elisabeth de Sousa, John Kettle, Roy Proctor, Peter Tallon, Brian Wolfe

Environment Policy Team

Committee: Robert Taylor (Leader) 01483 283209; Brian Austin; Rex Butcher; Tony Elliott; Donald Fleming; David Foot; Stephen Groom; Olaf Karlsen

Local Economy Policy Team

Committee: Stephen Groom (Leader) 01483 284842; Catherine Carr; Olaf Karlsen; Bryan Joseph; Stuart Bowden

Infrastructure Policy Team

Committee: Catherine Carr (Leader) 01483 283693; Mark Blowers; Sharon Bylenga; Martin Champion; Lindy Elliott; Roy Proctor; Sue Reeve; Geoffrey Tregaskes