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Ultrafast Broadband Update – 26 July 2022

Ultrafast Broadband Update (at 26 July 2022)

The vast majority of East and West Horsley now has Fibre to the Premises available to order. Six premises are still not connected. The latest update from Openreach is below:



Target Go Live Date

Guildford Road (three properties near Dirtham Lane – The Chase, Gables, Tollgate Farm)

Available to order


A246 (Place Farm to Cranmore School)

PON VO 8069

Available to order


Higher Drive (three properties – Fairoaks, Flagstones, Gattens)

A planned road closure has been cancelled by Surrey Highways due to higher priority work in the vicinity; unfortunately, the new date for the work to begin is 5 September. 

30 September

The Street (two properties – 219, 221)

Road closure required and the new date for the work to begin is 3 October.

30 October

Epsom Road (Hatchfield House – near Wix Hill)

Road closure is the only option and plans are being drawn up by the contractor to submit to Surrey Highways.

Not known

Issues remain with flats, where the permission of the leaseholder has to be obtained and a wayleave signed, before Openreach can proceed. They have a team working on this but tenants need to put pressure on their leaseholders to agree to the work.

Contacting us


Regrettably, members of the Ultrafast Broadband Task Group and the Parish Councils do not have the resources to answer questions about individual broadband contracts. However, if you have a general question, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Task Group will continue to do its best to answer your questions.


Information is regularly updated on the parish council websites.

Horsley Ultrafast Broadband Task Group

26 July 2022

The project is being spearheaded by a Task Group comprising:

Colin Carmichael (Parish Councillor, The Highlands)

Steve Harvey (Parish Councillor, Woodland Drive)

Stuart Bowden (Broadband Road Lead, Rowbarns Way)

Chris Woods (Broadband Road Lead, Heath View)

This group is supported by 45 ‘road leads’ and leaflet distributors who have acted as the main link between the project team and individual households and businesses. A big ‘thank you’ is given from the Parish Council to this hard working group for ensuring the success of the pledging process and additional communications with neighbours.

June Map areas 

Ultrafast  broadband update:mid-January 2022The project team met Openreach on 14 January. Most of East Horsley is now live and, in most roads, ultrafast broadband is orderable from Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  However, several roads still need work completing and the new service is not yet available to them. Typically, this work involves temporary road closures and may be done out of hours. Openreach estimates the go-live date (following completion of the outstanding work, testing and commissioning) inthese remaining roads to be as follows:Live service anticipated by 31 January:• Ockham Road South (part – Park Corner Drive to Forest Rd), part Lynx Hill • Meadowbank, Park Corner Drive, Lower Peryers, Frenchlands Gate.Live service anticipated by 7 February:• Park Horsley, Chalk Lane, Guildford Road (part –The Warren to Wellington Cottages)• The Drift, Green Lane, Ockham Road North (part – East Lane to Green Lane)• Dirtham Lane, Calvert Road.The main ISPs currently offering ultrafast broadband to the Horsley exchange are BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone and Zen. If your ISP tells you that ultrafast is not available at your property, please persist and escalate with your ISP. You can check availability of FTTP Gigabit enabled broadband with your postcode here: few pointers about installation:• You should receive an email from Openreach advising that your property is live and orderable; the two-month validity period of the broadband voucher starts then. However, if you know that your road is already live (e.g. from your ISP’s website or a neighbour) then you do not have to wait for the Openreach email – just carry on and order your new service.• When ordering, ensure that you can retain your existing landline number (unless you decide that you no longer need a landline).• Existing phone handsets can usually be plugged into the back of the broadband hub.As far as possible, ensure that your broadband and telephones are working properly before the installation engineer leaves your property (but there may be a delay of several hours before the voice service is activated). We are aware of cases where engineers have left and the new service has not been working properly, with the inconvenience of a delay and a follow-up visit. It is also worth asking the engineer to check wi-fi coverage throughout your property to ensure there are no areas with a weak or no signal.A reminder from Openreach. Residents who pledged a broadband voucher are expected to order a new ultrafast broadband service, delivered over Fibre To The Premises, that doubles your previous speed. The new service must be taken out for at least a year, within two months of the new service becoming available. Unfortunately, if your ISP is not offering a suitable service to your property within that time you will have to switch ISP to meet the terms of the voucher.