Ultrafast broadband is on the way!

We’ve done it. Openreach has confirmed that our East Horsley FTTP project is now fully funded by validated vouchers.

Thank you!

Please keep validating your vouchers when invited to do so in a government email from DCMS, sent from


But don’t worry if you don’t receive an email from DCMS. Because the project is now fully funded, Openreach is no longer asking DCMS to issue more vouchers. If you have pledged, this should not affect you when you connect to the new ultrafast service – but retain a copy of your pledge confirmation from Openreach, just in case.

Voucher validation target achieved

At 11 March local residents had pledged vouchers to the East Horsley scheme with a face value of £1.48 million, representing 880 vouchers. Of these, over £1.2 million had been validated and issued by DCMS. This compares to the target we had to achieve of £893,000 from 1,720 premises. This is a fantastic result, which demonstrates the benefit of the community pulling together and reinforces the importance of much better broadband locally.

Exchange-wide solution confirmed

Openreach has confirmed that our communities have raised enough funding through the Gigabit Voucher Scheme to enable all of the East Horsley exchange to receive ultrafast broadband. This means that both East and West Horsley will be included in the ultrafast broadband rollout. The funding has been raised through the large East Horsley project and a number of smaller projects in West Horsley.

Openreach has now added the Horsley project to its queue of works and will start the planning and installation process. The work should be completed within 10 months from the issue of the first voucher, by the end of 2021 or early 2022. The Parish Council will continue to monitor progress and will keep you informed.

Installation process

When the time comes, Openreach will install fibre to Distribution Points or sub-surface footway boxes in our roads.They will notify each household or business when the installation is complete. You will then have to upgrade your contract with your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) or take out a new contract with a new ISP. As a condition of the voucher scheme, the new broadband service must be taken for at least 12 months and at least double your current speed (subject to a minimum of 30Mbps). The ISP you choose will install the fibre from the Distribution Point or footway box to the inside of your premises and connect your hub/router.

Note that you are required to take out the new broadband service within 2 months of Openreach notifying you of your new service installation being available. If you decide to switch broadband providers than you will need to manage carefully the end of your existing contract to avoid any early termination penalties; we recommend you discuss this with your current ISP well in advance.

FINALLY, you will be able to switch on your ultrafast, reliable broadband!

Further information

If you would like further information, please email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The project is being spearheaded by a Task Group comprising:

Colin Carmichael (Parish Councillor, The Highlands)

Steve Harvey (Parish Councillor, Woodland Drive)

Stuart Bowden (Broadband Road Lead, Rowbarns Way)

Chris Woods (Broadband Road Lead, Heath View)

This group is supported by 45 ‘road leads’ who have acted as the main link between the project team and individual households and businesses. A big ‘thank you’ is given from the Parish Council to this hard working group for ensuring the success of the pledging process.