Openreach at THE BIG DAY OUT

The Openreach team will be on hand to answer all your questions concerning the forthcoming roll-out of ultrafast broadband to both East and West Horsley.

OPENREACH HAS ADVISED us that our Horsleys Community Fibre Partnership project is the largest in the UK. The success of our Spring campaign to raise Government Vouchers to fund a new network of Fibre to the Premises broadband (FTTP) around East and West Horsley is down to your participation, thank you.

Openreach survey and network design

This survey is to determine the best way to get the new ultrafast fibre optic cable to your nearest telegraph pole or underground distribution point. Openreach will carry out “intrusive surveys” to inspect the underground ducts that feed cables to our homes and businesses. Once completed they will advise us of their high-level network design.

Ultrafast network build

This will begin after the design has been finalised. The target date for completion is late 2021/early 2022. Fibre cables will be brought from the Leatherhead exchange, with the potential for temporary disruption on local roads, and taken to ‘aggregate nodes’, points from where the cables are divided to feed up to 120 properties. Installation will take place in stages, determined by area readiness and Openreach operational issues.