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EHPC Editor

EHPC Editor

Friday, 01 October 2021 14:03

Ultrafast Broadband update

FOLLOWING OUR latest progress meeting with Openreach, we are pleased to confirm that the new broadband service should be 'orderable' for residents in Phase 1 (Forest Road and roads off) from the end of October. Those of you who pledged a Gigabit Voucher should receive an email from Openreach advising when the new service is available. You may then place the order with the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of your choice, provided they are offering an ultrafast service that at least doubles your previous speed. There will then be a short delay whilst Openreach carries out the final connection to your home, on behalf of your ISP. Please note that it is the responsibility of your ISP to ensure that your new connection is made; all communications regarding this new connection should be via the ISP. 

Openreach advise they are on track to complete Phase 2 (Ockham Road) by the end of November and Phase 3 (West Horsley) by the end of January.
There are likely to be traffic delays on the A246 between the Shell garage and the Effingham lights during the period 4-8 October whilst they connect the fibre 'spine' that joins Horsley to the Leatherhead exchange. They ask that we bear with them whilst this essential work is carried out.
If you have any questions about the project, please continue to email us and we will do our best to respond: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Horsley Ultrafast Broadband Task Group
1 October 2021
Monday, 06 September 2021 13:09


WE WOULD LIKE to thank: The volunteers who helped organise the HBDO, we could not have done it without you!

THE FRIDAY FIVE, UNFINISHED BUSINESS, THE SURREY PUMAS and our headline band THE COUNTERFEIT BEATLES for making music we could all feel good about.

All the vendors and groups who brought along local produce, tasty treats and crafts and local East Horsley businesses for helping to make the day a community event.

Judges James Harper and Martin Colvill who inspected the classic cars during the afternoon – the overall winner was the Dennis fire engine brought along by Graham Bull.

The Children's entertainment sponsor RUSSELL & Co, all the volunteers for this section, the Horsley and Bookham Riding for the Disabled who brought Barney the Shetland pony along. Over £400 was raised for this charity, thank you everyone for your generosity. 

The Openreach engineers, who we hope were able to answer all your questions concerning the forthcoming roll-out of ultrafast broadband to both East and West Horsley. We will be inviting them back to give a presentation later in the year or early 2022.

We hope you enjoyed your tour of Horsley Towers and if you are one of the unlucky ones who did not get a place, we expect to organise further tours at our next event.

FOLLOWING A MEETING with the Leader of Guildford Borough Council, Cllr Joss Bigmore, on 18 August 2021, the Chairs of East and West Horsley Parish Councils have jointly issued the following statement; along with the discussion note that was prepared for Cllr Bigmore ahead of the meeting.

 Statement on Impact of Major Developments.pdf

Discussion Note for Meeting with Cllr Bigmore.pdf 

Monday, 16 August 2021 07:37

Busy phone lines? Use MyGuildford

REGISTER WITH MyGuildford for easy access to Guildford Borough Council. The quickest and easiest way to access GBC services is by registering for an account at MyGuildford or visiting the self service pages. You can report an issue, make requests and track progress, pay your bills and apply for key services at any time.

DID YOU KNOW that there are NINE defibrillators around the Horsleys? Unlike a heart attack, where the heart tends to keep beating, cardiac arrest is a more sudden and dramatic event. Because the heart no longer pumps blood around the body, the critical oxygen supply to the brain and other organs is cut off, presenting an immediate threat to life.

In 2012 Fabrice Muamba, the former Bolton Wanderers midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch. His heart stopped for 78 minutes but he recovered after medics administered 26 defibrillator shocks.

On 12 June footballer Christian Eriksen, 29, survived an identical collapse and was brought back through a combination of CPR – the manual cardiopulmonary resuscitation that involves repeated pushing down on the chest – and an electric shock from a defibrillator.

The high-profile incident involving Eriksen has reignited calls for the Government to make defibrillators a legal requirement in public places, including schools, sports facilities and other public buildings.

Defibrillators around the Horsleys

Bishopsmead Parade at the Parish Council Noticeboard

Station Parade on the fence of Maranello House

Horsley Sports Club, Pennymead Drive

The Medical Practice, Kingston Avenue

West Horsley Village Hall, The Street, West Horsley

St Mary's Church, Epsom Road, West Horsley

Effingham Mini Mart, Forest Road

Horsley Football Club, Long Reach

Squires Garden Centre

If you think that someone has suffered a cardiac arrest call 999. Upon giving the location of the unit you will be given the code to access the defibrillator and the instructions for use.

Comment, by Estelle Stephenson, British Heart Foundation

Estelle Stephenson, Survival Programme Lead at the British Heart Foundation, said: "No training is needed at all to use a defibrillator.

"All you need to do is press the 'on' button and then follow the instructions on the screen.

"It will tell you to remove the patient's clothes and show where to place the pads on their chest.

"The device won't deliver a shock unless it detects a 'shockable rhythm'.

"So you can't injure someone with a defibrillator and that's the same with CPR.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. Use one - you could save a life.

"We just want defibrillators to be where people gather - the more the better."

"So you can't injure someone with a defibrillator and that's the same with CPR.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. Use one - you could save a life.

"We just want defibrillators to be where people gather - the more the better."

Wednesday, 23 June 2021 09:01

Planning in the Horsleys

THE CHAIRS OF West and East Horsley Parish Councils, Elaine Best and Robert Taylor have written jointly to Sir Paul Beresford (our Surrey MP) to invite him to discuss the plethora of planning developments in the Horsleys under the umbrella of the Guildford Local Plan. At this time there are over 600 houses due for construction and, of course, waiting in the wings is the Wisley Airfield development. It is hoped he will take up this invitation and his response will be posted here.


EHPC have issued Letters of Objection to Guildford Planning Services:

EHPC Letter June 2021: Application 21/P/00917 a development by Antler Homes of 35 dwellings at Oakland Farm, a part of the Waterloo Farm site, Green Lane, Ockham GU23 6PD.

EHPC supplementary Letter of Objection June 2021 following the filing of revised plans. Application 20/P/02067 a development by Thakeham Homes of 139 dwellings at Manor Farm, East Lane, West Horsley KT24 6HQ.

These two applications have some clear similarities in that both developers are proposing high density, urban-style housing for edge-of-settlement rural locations. High ridge heights are also being proposed at both sites with very large roof structures which would readily allow for extensions, making them into much bigger homes. In effect these homes are virtually all being pre-designed as 3 storey dwellings. 

The outcome is that what is nominally being proposed as 2,3 & 4 bed dwellings are likely to become a preponderance of 4,5 & 6 bed dwellings within a short period of time, contrary to LP and NP housing mix policies which require a preponderance of smaller dwellings, 

Further updates will be posted on the Major Planning page.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021 08:40

Access for all at our stations

THE RAILWAY TASK GROUP has added to its current projects for improvements to Horsley and Effingham Junction Stations:

LONDON-BOUND LEVEL ACCESS - LOBLA Campaign (click to access information sheet)

Both Horsley and Effingham Junction have poor access to Platform One if your mobility is restricted, eg luggage, pushchairs, disability or elderly.

Graphics showing how new lifts and covered bridges could transform Effingham Junction and Horsley stations are shown here.

Horsley Station schematics

Effingham Junction Station schematics


Application to Your Fund Surrey for a grant to instal new level access toilet facilities and an expanded and refurbished waiting room at Horsley Station.

Click here for more details of the proposed new Horsley Station toilet and waiting room facilities including “before” and “after” drawings.

Monday, 24 May 2021 08:09

New Guildford Mayor

WITH THE THEME of community, the new Mayor of Guildford for 2021-22 is Cllr Marsha Moseley and the Deputy Mayor is Cllr Dennis Booth.

During her mayoral year, Cllr Moseley aims to raise awareness for the Shooting Star Children’s Hospices charity and will also continue to support the Mayor of Guildford’s Local Support Fund. 
The Mayor says: 

“I look forward to representing the people of Guildford once again in my second term as Mayor. After such a difficult year our communities have really come together to support one another, and it has been truly heart-warming and inspiring to see. Many volunteers across our borough have committed so much of their time to helping others, even before the pandemic. The Mayor’s Awards for Service to the Community really highlighted the great work that residents and groups have done for one another. Community is key and we want to continue with this renewed spirit.” 

Shooting Star Children’s Hospices is a leading children's hospice charity which cares for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families. 

The Mayor adds: “Shooting Star Children’s Hospices are an incredible charity who support children and families during the most difficult time in their lives. They support families across Surrey and London and offer a range of services throughout bereavement including nursing, practical, emotional and medical care. 

Jane De Lay, Head of Community Engagement at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices says: 

“We’re thrilled to be chosen as the Charity of the Year by the Mayor of Guildford, Cllr Marsha Moseley. Despite the world feeling like it has been on pause, the specialist care for the children and families we support, has never been needed more. This simply wouldn’t be possible without the continued support from our local community and we are truly grateful to Cllr Moseley for helping raise awareness and much needed funds for her local children’s hospice charity. This will help us to ensure that we can be there for families who need us, now and into the future.” 

Born in Portsmouth, Marsha attended Bournemouth University where she graduated with an honours degree in History, English and Politics. Marsha then joined the Civil Service in 1984, before moving to Guildford in 1990. With a keen interest in local and national politics, Marsha was elected as Guildford Borough and Ash Parish Councillor and served on many Committees including the Planning Committee which she joined in 1999. She became Chairman of the Planning Committee from 2013 to 2020. In Marsha’s time as Councillor she also served as Mayor of Guildford in the municipal year 2010-2011.  

Marsha has an interest in sport, leisure and the local environment. This has been reflected in her other roles. She has been a representative on ‘Sport Guildford’, the Ash Manor Joint Management Committee, and a member of the Guildford in Bloom Committee.

ONSULTATION comments have been submitted by the Parish Councils of East and West Horsley on Taylor Wimpey’s cycle route proposals for the proposed development at Wisely Airfield. The comments are based upon Taylor Wimpey’s video conferences of 1 April 2021 and 11 May 2021 plus the accompanying Proposals Map included with the Engagement Brochure dated 28 April 2021.

Comments submission 18 May 2021

Our comments focus solely on the three alternative cycle routes illustrated in the Engagement Brochure which link the proposed Wisley airfield development with the Horsley area, namely:

A)  The route from Alms Heath in Ockham to Horsley Station via Long Reach, Lollesworth Lane and Kingston Avenue;

B)  The route from Alms Heath in Ockham to Horsley Station via Ockham Road North;

C)  The route from Martyrs Green to Effingham Junction Station via Old Lane.

Detailed comments on each of these three cycle routes are given with some issues identified that EHPC believe ought to be addressed by Taylor Wimpey to improve their proposals prior to the submission of a planning application.

Further information can be obtained from the Parish Clerk: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


have been submitted by the Parish Councils of East and West Horsley on
have been submitted by the Parish Councils of East and West Horsley
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