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Ash dieback on Sheepleas & Greendene

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Surrey Wildlife Trust have provided an update on Ash dieback works for this year and next. 

"We have been looking closely at the scale of the works required on Sheepleas and have been working closely with the local wildlife groups around important species (bats, badgers, dormice, flora etc) as well as assessing the Ash trees and what works are required on site. 

With all this in mind we are planning to phase the works on Sheepleas over this winter and next Autumn/Winter.  

We plan to start work first week in February on the roadside strip alongside Greendene Road and car park over the next couple of weeks, these will be complete by the end of February.  We will then be returning to the site in the Autumn. 

You’ll see Surrey Wildlife Trust staff on site when works start and I will also be up there in the initial stages to help answer any questions people have. Now things are a bit more clear I’ll put posters up on site to advise people of the works. 

I attach a high level map of our work area for February 2019." 

Zoe Channon

Liaison Officer, Estate Team

Surrey Wildlife Trust

Telephone: 01483 910087

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