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EHPC comment on Wisley

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The decision to dismiss the Wisley planning appeal is very welcome. However, the proposal to establish a new settlement at the former Wisley airfield does not end here. The new settlement remains within the submission version of the Guildford Local Plan as Policy A35. 

Following the Secretary of State's decision on Wisley airfield, GBC have recently issued a new Position Statement on the Wisley airfield development, setting out their arguments to the examiner as to why Site Policy A35 should remain within the Local Plan. Click here to view a copy.

Policy A35 is very similar to WPIL's outline planning application, but with additional fields to the south of the runway being added, increasing the land area of potential development. The purpose of the Local Plan is to set out an overall framework for development. If Policy A35 remains within the approved local plan, then a future planning application based upon this policy is likely to receive GBC's planning consent. 

EHPC have submitted a Statement to the inspector, Mr Bore, arguing that inclusion of Policy A35 within the local plan is unsound. Click here for copy. Many of the reasons we cited were similar to the arguments used by the appeal inspector and the Secretary of State in dismissing the WPIL appeal. This is obviously encouraging. However, the criteria used by Mr Bore in determining soundness are not precisely the same as those of the appeal inspector nor the Secretary of State, so nothing can be taken for granted.

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