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EHPC objects to West Horsley planning applications

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Proposed site layout by Antler Homes at Oakland Farm Proposed site layout by Antler Homes at Oakland Farm

EHPC have issued Letters of Objection to Guildford Planning Services:

EHPC Letter June 2021: Application 21/P/00917 a development by Antler Homes of 35 dwellings at Oakland Farm, a part of the Waterloo Farm site, Green Lane, Ockham GU23 6PD.

EHPC supplementary Letter of Objection June 2021 following the filing of revised plans. Application 20/P/02067 a development by Thakeham Homes of 139 dwellings at Manor Farm, East Lane, West Horsley KT24 6HQ.

These two applications have some clear similarities in that both developers are proposing high density, urban-style housing for edge-of-settlement rural locations. High ridge heights are also being proposed at both sites with very large roof structures which would readily allow for extensions, making them into much bigger homes. In effect these homes are virtually all being pre-designed as 3 storey dwellings. 

The outcome is that what is nominally being proposed as 2,3 & 4 bed dwellings are likely to become a preponderance of 4,5 & 6 bed dwellings within a short period of time, contrary to LP and NP housing mix policies which require a preponderance of smaller dwellings, 

Further updates will be posted on the Major Planning page.

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