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Thursday, 18 November 2021 20:50

IMPORTANT comment on potential FTTP bulk purchase

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COMMENT ON the potential bulk purchase of ultrafast broadband through one broadband supplier. The Horsley Ultrafast Broadband Task Group would like to emphasise that we are not involved in this potential group purchasing exercise that is currently posting on Next Door. We would like to advise anyone considering this option that you do your homework and compare like with like to ensure you are getting all the products and services you require. 

At a minimum you should consider whether there will be any end of contract charges made by your existing ISP, whether you can retain your existing landline number (if you wish to do so) and whether this ISP proposes to make any additional charges (e.g. for a new router) over and above their monthly rental charge. 

We continue to post on the East Horsley Parish Council web site the latest information about this project. 

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