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Once you’ve joined InTheKnow.Community you will get updates from your local police and Neighbourhood Watch. In the future, we hope you’ll be able to receive updates from other community organisations as well. Updates are sent by email or (occasionally) text message and are tailored for you based on where you live and what you are interested in.

InTheKnow.Community is provided by Surrey Police and Sussex Police. It is part of the National Neighbourhood Alert network.

Who can send me updates?

These organisations currently send messages through InTheKnow.Community:

In Surrey:

  • Surrey Police
  • Surrey Neighbourhood Watch Association (Coming soon)

In Sussex:

If there are other local agencies you would like to receive messages from, please contact us to suggest them.


The last meeting of Guildford Business Forum’s Rural Group included a presentation by Surrey’s Deputy Chief Constable, Gavin Stephens, and the Wildlife and Rural Crime Co-ordinator, PC Laura Rowley, about rural crime strategy and some issues of specific concern to members – damage by 4x4s and fly-tipping being two of the most relevant. (NB: unless the Police can respond in time to make arrests, the aftermath of fly-tipping is usually dealt with by the Borough Council.)

The Rural Group has often reflected on the past success and popularity of the Country Watch network and we were pleased to hear from Gavin Stephens of its relaunch thanks to funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office. According to the Surrey Police website Country Watch is a message alert system helping rural communities to prevent, disrupt and detect criminal activity. The scheme, which is free to join, is publicised through warning signs displayed around the rural community, which in itself provides a deterrent to some criminals. For further details contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

The DCC also suggested signing up to the Surrey/Sussex “In the Know” website: – a recommendation that you may wish to follow up if you are not already aware of this.

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