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Wednesday, 13 July 2022 13:45

INTRODUCTION TO LOCASE (Low Carbon Across The South And East)

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LoCASE is a grant funding programme, offering SMEs in Guildford grants between £1,000 and £10,000, covering 40% of eligible costs, to help green your business and cut energy costs, along with an environmental training scheme and events. The funding is available for companies to implement energy efficiency measures, or business development for companies providing green products or services.

The LoCASE Programme objectives are to help small and medium businesses get greener, more competitive, profitable and future ready; to drive the growth of a low carbon economy; to lower carbon emissions from businesses and industries in Surrey and to create new jobs in the green economy by stimulating demand, supporting supply and transferring knowledge.

LoCASE has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and is being delivered through a partnership between Kent County Council, Surrey County Council, and other councils and universities in the South East.


LoCASE was launched in Surrey in late 2021. Looking at some of the projects already delivered in the Brighton area we have been able to identify some key project types and average savings which can be gained.

LOCASE IN Guildford

As of 29 June, fifty two Guildford businesses have registered and 2 of these have made successful applications and 3 have their application being reviewed at the moment. If successful, these will have been granted a total of £25,791.72 and saved 2.19tCO2e. 

The projects being funded for these Guildford based companies vary. An innovative SME, which revives car batteries, has received a LoCASE grant to help design and develop their website. LoCASE is also supporting a QS drive the decarbonisation of the construction industry by part financing the purchase of specialist software. A coffee roastery is seeking support for a new bigger roaster, a toiletry company seeking support to break into a new part of the market with LoCASE supporting their products testing and certification and a farmer is seeking funding to install solar panel on their business rental units. 


Once you register, an online call will be set up with the Surrey County Council LoCASE team to understand your business and talk about your potential projects. It is like a virtual walk around and a chat about what greening opportunities could be considered. 


If you still have more questions and aren’t quite ready yet to register, the LoCASE Surrey team hold business briefings every month for anyone to join and find out more about LoCASE. To book please go to:

LoCASE programme manager, Greener Futures, Surrey County Council Events | Eventbrite