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Resurfacing ORS at Station Parade

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For two nights from Thursday 21 March from 8pm – 6am, Ockham Road South, at Station Parade, East Horsley will be closed whilst Surrey County Council Highways carry out resurfacing works. The red line on the map indicates the road closure required in order to complete the areas of resurfacing.

SCC Highways will make sure you can get to and from your house or business when it is safe to do so. Please talk to a member of staff on site if you need help – talking to their staff can solve most issues.

Surrey Highways have been given extra funding to repair roads which have suffered damage due to bad weather. The money has been used to form a programme of works called the ‘Severe weather recovery programme’ which they are delivering as quickly as possible to try to bring the worst affected roads in Surrey up to an acceptable standard. More information is available at

Night works

Working overnight is necessary on traffic sensitive roads to reduce disruption during peak times. It also enables longer uninterrupted working before the closure has to be lifted for daytime traffic, and results in a shorter period of disruption.

Delays in work

SCC Highways work is sometimes delayed by bad weather. They will keep you updated on any changes via the advance warning signs.


It is essential to keep the road free from parked vehicles. Please park somewhere else otherwise your vehicle may be towed away to a nearby road.


There will be some noise while carrying out these surfacing works to the road but they will endeavour to carry out the nosier part of the works in the first part of the evening.

Please look out for advance warning signs on site for any date changes or check and @GuildfordJC on Twitter.

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