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Reverse Advent 2020

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The Horsley Reverse Advent 2020 team have made some changes to how they are running Reverse Advent this year...

They are asking you to collect food and essential items throughout November so that they can be delivered in time for the Christmas holiday to families in need, rather than be stored for the New Year.

If you are not familiar with the scheme, they ask you to set up a box at home and add an item of groceries each day. When you have collected your items you can drop them off at The Wheelhouse on East Lane, West Horsley as follows:

Monday 30 November 9am - 11pm

Tuesday 1 December 9am - 11 pm

Wednesday 2 December 9am - 11pm

Thursday 3 December 9am - 11pm

Saturday 5 December 9am - 12pm

It's a lovely thing to do with young children - giving an opportunity to explain why you are doing it, where the food is going, and perhaps to have some longer conversations about poverty and generosity. The local schools also take part as well as some extraordinary locals who save all their supermarket points to spend on Reverse Advent.

It's a village-wide initiative, and this year they know the need to be greater than ever before.

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