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Thursday, 10 October 2019 09:45

Kingston Meadows Parking restrictions

At the Guildford Borough Council (GBC) 8 October meeting to debate the e-petition to remove the "No Return" policy the Council passed a motion by 24 votes to 13 (with 4 abstentions) to review the parking order at Kingston Meadows as soon as practicable, whilst the existing regulations remain in place, and to implement a new regulation that removes the no return element and introduces one free period of four hours with returns allowed (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm).
However this vote appears to be advisory and no decision was actually made. The matter was referred to the GBC Executive which meets on 22 October - when a paper will be presented and officers will be available to advise on implementation issues. 
Susan Murray, the petition organiser spoke for her allotted five minutes along with a number of councillors including Chris Barass. The majority were in favour of change and they recognised that a 'one size fits all' approach to solving a commuter parking problem at Stoke Park was not appropriate for all car parks in the borough (especially 'community car parks' like Kingston Meadows). Concerns were raised about the challenges of implementation.
If and when the parking regulations are changed could take a several months, especially if the Council incorporate it into a review of the car parking business plan scheduled for January. Chris Barrass pointed out in the debate that if the matter was going to take 3-4 months then the Council should suspend the existing regulations. We will wait to see what the GBC Executive say but an immediate suspension would make sense until the proposed changes can be agreed and implemented.
EHPC will keep you informed.
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Wednesday, 12 December 2018 12:48

Neighbourhood Watch coordinators needed

Surrey Police are keen to establish more Neighbourhood Watches in the area. There is a chronic lack of watches in the area, and they would be interested in hearing from any volunteers who are willing to co-ordinate a Watch for their street. Email Constable Ryan Soper on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will pass the information onto their neighbourhood watch administrator who will make contact in due course. NHW schemes are key in crime prevention as they allow residents to have a familiar face to approach with concerns and give us clear channels to get information out in regards to crime trends.

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