Thursday, 07 January 2021 09:26

Transport to vaccination appointments

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The Horsleys community minibus will be available to enable any elderly or vulnerable residents of the Horsleys and surrounding areas to get vaccination appointments. It operates an easy access vehicle for people with mobility difficulties and is fitted with a lift for wheelchairs or people who struggle with steps.

It has been modified to isolate the driver from passengers, is equipped with hand sanitizers and is large enough to carry several socially distanced passengers.

It will do a door to door service and wait to return passengers to their homes after getting their vaccination. The drivers are experienced in transporting the elderly under the current COVID rules.

If anyone in our community needs transport to attend a vaccination session don't hesitate or worry about it. Contact the Community Bus by calling Kelvin Hayes on 01483 283314 or 07530 167283 and they will advise what help they can provide.

NB This photo shows the bus prior to its COVID refit.

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