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Webmaps of parking restrictions

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SCC have prepared interactive maps of parking restrictions covering the boroughs and districts SCC manage. Click here to access the SCC maps.

Please note that the parking restrictions in Guildford borough are available on Guildford Borough Council's website.

The maps are very easy to use. Here are some basic tips:

  • Once you have agreed to the disclaimer, enter a road name and town or post code in the search box in the top left of the page. The map will then zoom to the location.
  • Click on the coloured line at the location you're interested in. This line will then display 'highlighted' in another colour showing its extent, and a box will pop up explaining what restrictions are in operation there.
  • If there is more than one restriction in operation at the same place, a small arrow will appear at the top right of the popup box to allow you to toggle between the restrictions.
  • On some of the Borough maps the icons at the top right allow you to print, find out further information, display/hide the legend, and display/hide the list of layers available on the map.

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