East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan

Plan adopted by GBC

On 24 July the GBC council meeting voted to approve the adoption of the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan.

The motion was proposed by council leader, Paul Spooner, who congratulated EHPC for developing a plan which had received such overwhelming support from residents. The Horsley borough councillors, Matthew Sarti, Jenny Wicks and David Reeve, each followed expressing their support for the plan and commenting on the large number of residents who had worked so hard to develop it, the considerable community engagement involved and the spread of policies which addressed issues of importance to local residents. 

There were no comments made against the plan, which was approved by general acclamation. 

View or download East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan.


A big "Thank You"

I am delighted to announce a superb 95% support for our neighbourhood plan in the Referendum on 17 May, the turnout was unusually high for this type of vote, with 34% of those eligible voting.

On behalf of East Horsley Parish Council, I would like to thank the residents for their input into the plan both at an initial planning stage, with excellent feedback from our “open sessions”, through to the simply fantastic result achieved yesterday.

The process has clearly involved a considerable amount of work by the Councillors, for which I obviously thank them, but what needs to be recognised is the volunteer input. East Horsley residents have taken the time to contribute, influence, and in the end ensure the democratic process was followed which will provide ALL of us with a greater ability to fashion the village we wish for ourselves and future generations.

So again, on behalf of the Parish Council, I thank you, and I look forward to sharing our/your collective ideas and seeing them through over the coming years.

Stephen Skinner
Chairman, East Horsley Parish Council

The Result of the EHNP Referendum

34.1% voter turnout

1,126 votes for YES

65 votes for NO