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Ultrafast broadband is on the way!

An update on the delivery of ultrafast broadband to the Horsleys

We recently had a progress call with Openreach in which they set out their current plans for delivering ultrafast broadband (FTTP) to ALL premises connected to the East Horsley Telephone Exchange. This is now a single project combining East and West Horsley and Openreach has advised us that our Community Fibre Partnership project is the largest in the UK. This is thanks to your participation. 

Here is a little more about the plans and considerations for all those who pledged to upgrade to FTTP. 

1.  Openreach survey and network design

This is taking place between now and the end of June. Over the next few weeks you will see more Openreach vans in the area. They will be determining the best way to get the new ultrafast fibre-optic cable to your nearest telegraph pole or underground distribution point. Openreach will also carry out “intrusive surveys” which inspect the underground ducts that feed cables to our homes and businesses, checking for any blockages.
Once this work has been completed Openreach will advise us of their high-level network design. We will publish this on the Horsleys’ Parish Council websites.


2.  Ultrafast network build

This will begin after the design has been finalised, with the target date for completion being late 2021/early 2022. Fibre cables will be brought from the Leatherhead exchange, with the potential for temporary disruption on the roads between Horsley and there.  Fibres will be taken to Aggregate Nodes which each feed up to 120 properties. Installation will be take place in stages, determined by area readiness and Openreach operational issues. We will  keep you informed via the Horsleys’ Parish Council websites.  


3.  Actions for you

a) Do you know when your current telephone & broadband contract ends?

We suggest that you check your current contract, as those who have validated their pledges have agreed to upgrade their service within two months of FTTP availability. If your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers the new FTTP service at your property it is likely they will be happy to upgrade your service. If you choose to change ISP, or have to change to meet the terms of your pledge, your current provider may try to levy a penalty charge for early contract termination. If you are at or near contract expiry, you may wish to delay renewal to improve your negotiating position.

b) Will your current ISP be offering Ultrafast FTTP services in our area?

It is unlikely that all ISPs will offer an Ultrafast (FTTP) package to those connected to our exchange when FTTP arrives; you should check with your current ISP what their plans are for Horsley in late 2021/ early 2022. We expect the larger ISPs (including BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Zen) will be offering FTTP and hope that the size of our project will attract more ISPs to do so. We hope to let you know more about ISPs’ plans for offering FTTP to those on our exchange on the website and social media.

If you live in East Horsley and have any questions about FTTP, please email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The project is being spearheaded by a Task Group comprising:

Colin Carmichael (Parish Councillor, The Highlands)

Steve Harvey (Parish Councillor, Woodland Drive)

Stuart Bowden (Broadband Road Lead, Rowbarns Way)

Chris Woods (Broadband Road Lead, Heath View)

This group is supported by 45 ‘road leads’ who have acted as the main link between the project team and individual households and businesses. A big ‘thank you’ is given from the Parish Council to this hard working group for ensuring the success of the pledging process.