Becoming a Parish Councillor


What is the Role of a Councillor?

Parish Councillors are:

  • the voice of the community representing local people;
  • the lynchpin to partnership work with other levels of local government.

All the seats on the Parish Council are up for election every four years giving you the perfect opportunity to get involved by standing as a representative of your community. From time to time, a casual vacancy will arise. There is a process for co-opting a new councillor (see below for details).

We hope this guide will help you make up your mind as to whether you would like to become a councillor.

Why become a councillor?

People become councillors for all manner of reasons. For some it’s a completely new direction to take from, school governing body, political party or trade union. (Please note, East Horsley Parish Council is apoltical.)

But most want to:

  • make a difference to their local community and be involved in its future shape;
  • ensure that their Parish is able to access the services it deserves;
  • represent the views of local people and ensure they count.

No specific qualifications are needed to become a councillor - life experience is the best thing to bring to the role. It’s vital that members represent all sections of the community - we want to attract people from a broad range of backgrounds to stand as candidates.

For further information about becoming a councillor, CLICK HERE or contact the Parish Clerk at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.