Planning Documents

Local Plan

The Local Plan was developed by the Borough Council and sets out its vision for Guildford over the period 2015-34; it is used to: 

  • guide development in towns and villages,
  • protect and enhance the environment,
  • develop the economy,
  • improve leisure and visitor facilities, and 
  • support sustainable travel. 

The Borough Council uses policies from two Local Plans in reaching decisions on development planning: 

  • Local Plan: Strategy and Sites 2015-2034 (adopted in 2019) – this defines strategic policies for development across the borough and allocated sites for development.
  • Local Plan: Development Management Policies (the latest were adopted in March 2023).

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Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood planning provides a statutory right for local people and businesses to plan for the future of their places in a sustainable and fair way. It is designed to enable local people and communities to influence how development will occur locally. The East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan for the period 2017-33 was developed through an extensive local consultation and was adopted by Guildford Borough Council in July 2018.

Crucially the Neighbourhood Plan is subordinate to the Local Plan and cannot propose less development than that plan and is bound by its identification of allocated sites for development.

View or download the East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan.