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Major Planning Applications

Around East Horsley and neighbouring parishes, there are several major planning applications before Guildford Borough Council (GBC) and Surrey County Council (SCC). Although the "out of parish" applications are not put before the East Horsley Parish Planning Committee for consultation, the village and Parish Council has the opportunity to put its views to the Borough and County Councils.

Please contact the Parish Clerk if you require more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Former Wisley Airfield - The Planning Enquiry


Update: 20 December 2023

Closing Submissions made by Colin Smith on behalf of East and West Horsley Parish Councils on 19 December 2023 at the Wisley inquiry: Closing submission


Update: 6 December 2023

Taylor Wimpey Planning Application

The former Wisley Airfield site in Ockham is largely owned by Taylor Wimpey. They have submitted a hybrid planning application for 1,730 new homes at the proposed new settlement. Their plans are now the subject of a public inquiry. To see the application documents online, please click the following link and search for 22/P/01175: Guildford BC Website - Search for a Planning Application

In September 2023, East Horsley and West Horsley Parish Councils submitted a joint objection to this development to the inquiry, called the ‘Proof of Evidence’. This was prepared by a planning consultant (Colin Smith) with considerable input from the parish councils. It can be viewed here:

Proof of Evidence PDF document (September 2023)

The case against Taylor Wimpey’s development at Wisley airfield rests on two main factors: 

  • The development fails to comply with the development plan as a whole; and 
  • The assessed planning balance shows a clear preponderance of planning harm over benefit arising from this development. 

Development Plan

We identified a total of 43 planning policies from the National Planning Policy Framework, Guildford Local Plan, and our Neighbourhood Plans with which the application fails to comply. This includes seven Requirements of Site Policy A35:

  • Failure to provide two new slip-roads at Burnt Common 
  • Failure to provide safe and attractive cycle routes 
  • Failure to demonstrate local bus services are guaranteed in perpetuity 
  • Failure to deliver an on-site GP surgery 
  • Failure to reduce harm to the Sites of Nature Conservation Interest 
  • Failure to ensure sufficient capacity at Ripley sewage works 
  • Failure to ensure sensitive design at the site boundaries. 

The public inquiry has also identified a further policy failure: the primary site access is now forecast to be via Old Lane rather than Ockham Park Roundabout.

Planning balance

Planning harm. We identified 14 areas of planning harm arising from this development: 

  • Harm to the character of the area
  • Harm to the appearance of the area
  • Harm to the surrounding Green Belt
  • Loss of prime agricultural land
  • Harm to the Thames Basin Heaths’ Special Protection Area
  • Harm to local ecology
  • Inadequate response to Climate Emergency
  • Harm to the strategic road network
  • Harm to the local road network
  • Failure to achieve transport sustainability
  • Harm to social infrastructure
  • Inadequate site sustainability
  • Harm to heritage assets
  • Harm to residential amenity.

Planning benefits. New housing is the main benefit. However, Local Plan housing needs targets were over-estimated substantially. Taylor Wimpey also identified economic and other benefits, but these are modest. 


Taylor Wimpey’s proposal fails to comply with 43 development plan policies and must be considered in conflict with the development plan ‘taken as a whole’. The planning balance shows the benefits arising from the proposed development are ‘limited’ whilst the many harms caused are either ‘substantial’ or ‘significant’. Accordingly, we submit that the inspector should dismiss the appeal. 

Progress of the Inquiry

The public inquiry began taking evidence in September 2023 and East Horsley and West Horsley Parish Councils were represented by our planning consultant, alongside other professionals representing Villages Against Wisley New Town (VAWNT) and the Wisley Action Group. The inquiry is due to finish on 20 December, before the planning inspector deliberates further and gives her verdict, which is not expected until sometime in Quarter 1 2024.

Updates are available through VAWNT, which maintains a mailing list and issues regular emails with updates on the progress of the inquiry. GBC also provides updates on its own web site:

CBRE planning application

The Wisley site has two other developers (although Taylor Wimpey will account for ~85% of the new homes proposed). The other two developers, CBRE and Hallam Land, whilst co-operating with Taylor Wimpey, are not a party to their application. These other two developers will in due course propose a further 270 homes around Bridge End Farm, taking the total for the site to 2,000 new homes as set out in GBC's Local Plan. 

In November 2023 CBRE submitted an outline planning application for up to 200 homes at the former Wisley airfield site (GBC reference 23/P/01607). This application represents 10% of the larger proposed development. Taylor Wimpey plan to provide all the main infrastructure to support the whole of the fully developed site, including the main access roads. The CBRE application is entirely dependent on Taylor Wimpey to provide its infrastructure so the CBRE application cannot proceed without Taylor Wimpey’s application going ahead.

In our opinion the CBRE application cannot be determined until the appeal inspector gives her decision on the Taylor Wimpey application and should be withdrawn. The alternative would be for GBC to immediately refuse the application on the grounds that access is not secured. East Horsley Parish Council has objected on this basis (November 2023) and the application is now being considered by Guildford Borough Council.

Ada Gardens (East Horsley)

This housing development is the responsibility of Taylor Wimpey and building is expected to continue until 2025. If you have any specific concerns about the site, please contact the site manager: Adam Hills This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Information about road closures associated with the development will normally be posted on this website under ‘News’. 

M25 Junction 10

This project is the responsibility of National Highways. 

For the latest position see:

West Horsley

For information about developments in West Horsley please see the West Horsley Parish Council web site – click here.