The Major Of Guildford Visits East Horsley

The Mayor of Guildford, Cllr Masuk Miah, made his annual Xmas visit to East Horsley on 5 December. He was walked around the shops, by Cllr Robert Taylor and Assistant Parish Clerk, Kevin Jenkins, so he could judge all the Xmas shopfront displays. 
The Mayor's shopfront award will be announced at the annual Chairman's Thank You Party, held this year at The Drift Golf Club, along with the runners up.

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Christmas Fair 2023

A wonderful day was had by all at the annual Christmas Fair. Thank you to all those who volunteered their help and especially to Terri Wood, Daisy Maison and Cllr Holly Haling, without them this event would not have gone ahead.

Christmas Fair 2023 Santa

Christmas Fair 2023 Santa and elf

Christmas Fair 2023 Choir 2

Christma Fair 2023 Holly

The Horsleys' C.A.N. (Climate Action Network) Group

Horsleys' C.A.N. Launches Survey Across East and West Horsley. 

Designed to raise awareness about what they are doing, and what we need to do, to combat the effects of Climate Change. 
The survey can be accessed by scanning the QR code below or here. The closing date is 5 January 2024. The survey is completely anonymous, short and simple.
Results will be published in the Spring Newsletter, when Horsleys' C.A.N. have launch their Community Action Plan.
For more information on what they are doing, look at their Instagram and Facebook
Instagram: @thehorsleysclimateactionnetwork

Facebook: @the_horsleys_can

horsleys can questionnaire


Horsley Wheel of Care Launches

Horsley Wheel of Care has now launched, incorporating West Horsley Wheel of Care and East Horsley Care.

Residents of all the Horsleys who are unable to drive can now get help to attend appointments by ringing 07788 552 767 Monday – Friday between 10am-12pm (excluding bank holidays).

Residents at Thatcher’s Hotel To Be Moved Out By 15 December

Guests at Thatcher's Hotel have been given 'Notice of Change of Accommodation'. Their current accommodation will no longer be available as of 15  December 2023. Suitable alternative accommodation will be found and 5 days notice of their move will be given.

Ockham Road South Update From Affinity Water

Affinity Water has notified the Parish Council that Ockham Road South will be closed throughout November, the first week in December and much of January to allow for the installation of a new water main.   Affinity Water is holding a ‘Community Drop in Event’ on Wednesday 11 October in the East Horsley Village Hall to listen to concerns from residents and local business owners.  The following is an explanation from Affinity Water as to why the work is necessary.

“The works are due to start on Ockham Road South are essential. With a growing population and a rise in developments across our region, combined with environmental challenges of hotter, dryer, longer summers, the stress on our water resources is significant. The purpose of the work is to improve our network infrastructure by building water resilience in the area by installing 600m of new water main. This in turn will allow us to continue supplying high quality drinking water to the local community long into the future. The pipe will be laid on Ockham Road South from the junction of Lynx Hill down to the junction of Guildford Road (A426). 

This specific section of Ockham Road South has been designed to act as a critical support system to push more water into the area. Affinity Water are regulated to provide a minimum pressure and flow volume to each and every consumer, we have seen a steady decline in this area, particularly during periods of high demand. During those periods there is a negative impact to the supplies in the area in the form of low pressure. With additional demand coming onto our network daily with the construction and development of housing projects, the need to support the area with more water is accelerated. 

Affinity Water have been in conversation with the local authority, Surrey County Council (HA) with the intention to secure the required road space for the construction of this project for well over a year. The co-ordination of any works between a Utility and a HA takes into account other works in the area, clashes with other diversion routes for example, community events, proximity to schools etc.  The window of opportunity on this occasion has been set by the local Highways Authority. They are responsible for co-ordinating the road network and we know there is a significant volume of other works being carried out in and around this area. The National Highways works and the Junc10 improvements for example where their planned closures impact our works and vice versa. It is not by any means an easy to try and co-ordinate everybody. Affinity Water have explored all available options to differ the work, to January for example, however we are informed there is not sufficient availability to complete these works at other times than the dates provided. This is due to clashes with the motorway works and other scheduled works being co-ordinated. 

Our permit of works has been granted for the dates of 31 October – 31 January. 

Planned works of this nature comes with a commitment, we are required to send out advanced communications two weeks prior to works starting, we are also required to place Advance Warning Boards out on site, again two weeks prior. As a wholesaler we have an obligation to inform the retailers of any business owners within the vicinity of our works. I can confirm this was done in early August. Our communications team have scheduled letters, emails and text messages to all those within the area of impact, to arrive over the coming days. 

Our intention of course is not to create major disruption, we always look to work with residents and business owners to mitigate impact as far as reasonably practicable. This may include, ‘Business Open As Usual’ signs being placed out, maintaining access where safe to do so. A road closure is always a last resort and one we will only ever undertake on the grounds of safety. Ockham Road South is narrow and one that comes with archaeological challenges alongside, with listed walls and structures along the route. We need to protect these, members of public and of course our own teams throughout. 

As the road is traffic sensitive, Surrey CC have instructed us to stop works in December, we are provisioning for our last day on site to be around 8 December, coming back on the 8 January to recommence. In that time the road will be re-opened and we will clear site completely. 

For businesses that are able to evidence there has been a negative financial impact as a direct result of our activities, a Loss of Business Claim can be submitted regarding compensation. However, this would only be considered on completion of the works to ensure an accurate financial assessment can be made on any loss presented.

Affinity Water Customer Letter

Twenty's Plenty

Led by the Twenty’s Plenty pressure group, the UK-wide campaign to reduce speed limits on residential roads to 20mph was given a boost at Monday’s East Horsley Parish Council (EHPC) meeting when members voted unanimously to add its own backing to the crusade.   

Cobham Downside has enjoyed the benefits of slower driving around its green for sometime now and more recently the A244 running through the heart of Oxshott has become subject to a 20mph limit.

Surrey Highways are aware of our ambition and the next step is to draw upon the support of East Horsley residents who for so long have been urging greater speed calming. This will be done by way of a petition which will be launched soon on this site.